Taking Ideas One Step Beyond

Our Mission

AUiX connects students, faculty, and staff with partners in DOD, academia, and industry.

We identify new opportunities for collaboration to develop new capabilities, strategies, and technology. All that ties to our vision that AUiX increases Air University’s contribution to national security and the profession of arms by taking your ideas one step beyond…

One source of our impact comes from our vibrant network. We work to keep these contacts current and relevant.

Most innovators live in the rhizome, only popping up from the depths when their idea is fully matured! We want to help accelerate innovation by fostering communication in an often-unforgiving culture. AUiX recognizes the unusual, non-linear nature of the innovation process and works to connect willing partners/kindred spirits across the spectrum of government, academia, and public and private entities.

We’d love to discuss your innovative idea!

What People in AUiX Do


Courses and lectures throughout the 11 schools of Air University and beyond.


Support and create knowledge in technical, strategic, and social innovation along with prototyping. 

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Incubate innovation ventures. Networking and supporting innovators in collaborative spaces.

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Meet Our Team

Team Leaders


Tony Montelepre

Project Manager


Capt. Ebony Luna


Kathy Gunter

Event Planning


To Be Announced

Social Innovation

Rashim McKinney

Project Manager

Geneva Watford



LtCol TJ Ablay

Military Deputy Director 

Dr. Bill DeMarco


Matthew M. Groleau

Director of Admin

Jodi Womack

Deputy Director

Internship Program

Auburn University, Montgomery

Harley DeMarco

Fine Art

College of William & Mary

Liam Leslie


Auburn University, Montgomery

William Parbs

AFROTC Cadet, Spring ’24 

College of William & Mary

Annie Wicker

Government and Data Science

Matrixed Support

JC Carter


Dr. Andy Clayton

Adult Learning