Air University’s Innovation Accelerator


Air University’s Innovation Accelerator

We’re stronger, better, faster together

Innovators thrive when they meet other innovators, and networking at these professional conferences are essential for Airmen to maintain operational agility, enhance problem-solving speed, and increase military effectiveness.

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What is AUiX?

Our Vision

Increase AU’s contribution to National Security objectives by taking ideas
“one step beyond.”

Our Mission

Activate and prototype AU ideas of merit through teaching, research, engagements, and community partnerships using a whole-of-nation approach.

Speed, Innovation, Culture

“We have the greatest Airmen and best defense and tech industry in the world. We must work to accomplish what seems impossible and rise to the challenges of today to prepare for tomorrow. But we still have work to do and we must collaborate and hold each other accountable … We have the opportunity, but not the time. We must accelerate change to leave our mark and make the impossible possible.”

General CQ Brown, Jr.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Innovate, Accelerate, Thrive

“We must adapt to and become proficient at operating in these diverse and dynamic environments…Wartime cannot be the first time Airmen feel empowered or know how to solve the problems they encounter.”

General David W. Allvin
Chief of Staff

Rebalanced Mission, Vision Focus

“AETC has the potential to be, and should be, ground-zero for accelerating change across the United States Air Force…that means modernizing, transforming and codifying the equipment, systems, architectures, training and strategies foundational to training and developing every Airman.”

Lt General Brian Robinson


“Part of our challenge is connecting with the population out there…we have been a little bit disconnected. A diverse range of perspectives and experiences can lead to more innovative solutions and better decision making which can have a positive impact on the local community and economy. But this is one place where we need as broad diversity of experiences and viewpoints as anywhere. This is where we need people who are willing to challenge the status quo and stretch our brains and make us a little bit uncomfortable. If we can do it here, we’re going to do it.”

Lt General Andrea Tullos

How AUiX Accomplishes its Mission


AUiX takes your ideas one step beyond

Nearly 200,000 students graduate from Air University each year. Imagine taking just 1% of student research ideas “one step beyond.”

One Step Beyond

What does this mean? AUiX accelerates innovation by taking an idea or research, linking it to strategy, obtaining sponsorship, developing a funding/contracting solution, and connecting the idea holder to the right industry, academia, or government partners towards obtaining traction.


How We Get Traction

We teach innovation.

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We conduct and assist with research.

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We engage the community.

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Getting your ideas out into the innovation ecosystem

We break through barriers that prevent our Airmen from innovating. AUiX focuses on the hard parts (e.g., funding, contracting, networking, etc.), so Airmen can focus on the ideas.


Why Speed Matters

Speed is a strategic advantage in innovation. Speed is the duration (measured in days/weeks/months) a project takes from induction into the AUiX innovation system to milestone-type events and/or capability delivery.

In 2022, AUiX took an average of 1.25 months to go from Idea to Requirement, and 2.8 months to go from Requirement to Contract. That’s roughly 4 months from Idea to Project Initiation. This is fast…but it could be even faster. Imagine the impact if it only took two months from idea generation to prototype.

CSAF is challenging Airmen to “Accelerate change or lose.” The question is: Will we win?

AUiX Projects

Our current portfolio showcases innovative solutions which includes: designing cutting-edge education experience for the next generation of innovators, improving readiness with human performance and gaming apps, and coordinating hardware prototypes for ACE environments.

Project Krayt

The prototype enables mission tasking of deployed forces in remote/austere locations along with reporting status to command and control nodes while also receiving the latest threat and targeting intelligence.

Project Praxeum

Praxeum offers opportunities to leverage stakeholder diversity to capture holistic learning requirements for the discovery of innovative, relevant ways to learn through collaboration.


An AI backed application that enables Airmen, Guardians + Commanders to easily access evidence-based, comprehensive HP content, coaching, community + analytic tools designed to sustain resilience + readiness as they compete, deter and win.


ReFUEL is a Comprehensive Human Performance Center of Excellence App.

Ledx Conference

The conference introduces the topic of social innovation as well as connects the local Montgomery community leaders with AU’s academic professors and military leadership.

Project DAWG

An open innovation tournament for diverse college student groups from top universities to use gaming technology to develop the fundamental competencies of airmen.

Project BESCAR

AUiX Innovative Contracting System: Increases SPEED and Innovation throughput.

AR/VR Education

Integrating AR/VR technology in the classroom provides interactive and immersive learning. These experiences increase exposure to emerging technologies, enhance engagement with educational content, and develop critical thinking skills.


Innovation Research Task Force (iRTF) employs AU students, faculty and staff to address issues of importance in areas related to the education and training of innovators.


The CAP STEM Kit program elevates STEM awareness and opportunities towards building a more capable future workforce.

Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons is an Air Force Chief of Staff-chartered fellowship hosted by the Center for Strategy and Technology at Maxwell AFB.

Project Mercury

Project Mercury helps foster innovation readiness that our nation and strategic partners need in order to maintain free and vibrant societies.


Providing PME students access to senior-leader sponsored research questions, problems, and requirements.


Comparison of indices allows for innovation measurements amongst great power competitors allowing for strategic/recoursing decisions.


Heavy Utility Lift Kit: MHE built for the ACE environment, able to effectively on/off-load necessary cargo at adaptive bases.

Our Network

AUiX values interconnectivity with academia, military, and industry for driving research and innovation. Our collaboration with other world-renowned academic institutions, government entities and industry partners creates a rich and diverse network of experts, allowing for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. This dynamic community fosters an environment of creative thinking and problem-solving, leading to breakthrough advancements and a greater understanding of our field. By building a community of collaboration and intellectual exchange, AUiX helps accelerate change.

Innovation Education

AU Students

Innovation at Air University:

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DOD Opportunities

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Rhizome Innovation Network (RIN)

The Rhizome Innovation Network (RIN) is a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for innovation, education, and creativity. The RIN aims to bring together thought leaders from military, academia, government, and industries to collaborate, share ideas, and drive progress. The network fosters a culture of openness and collaboration, providing a platform for members to exchange ideas and work together on innovation projects that can have a meaningful impact on the world. With a wide range of events, resources, and opportunities for connection, this network offers a dynamic and supportive environment for those looking to grow and make a difference.

Air Defense Against High Altitude Platforms  

All domain warfare is far more comprehensive than Joint Operations. Gone are the days when we can select or simply focus in the domains we think we are best at and ignore others. This is the reason why the Department of the Air Force chartered the Enterprise Capabilities Collaboration Team for Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2) in 2015 under then Chief of Staff, General David Goldfein. However, domain parochialism runs very deep, and is what doctrinaires term, “original sin.” The Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 5100.01, “Functions of the Department of Defense and Its Major Components,” assigns each service a “domain,” or region of physical distinction, they are responsible for. The genesis of this regulation dates back 1927 with general and secondary functions assigned to each Service. While MDC2 has evolved to Combined-Joint All-Domain Operations (JADC2), “seams” between the domains still exist. The following is just one example.

Chimaera: Wargaming And Strategy: The Journey From Assumption To Innovation In Military Wargaming—DeMarco Banter

Ever since I was a child, I’d held the romantic notion that the military must possess some of the most mind-bending, sophisticated war games imaginable—perhaps it was watching movies like War Games or too much time playing Defender in the arcade. This belief carried me through my formative years and into my career with the United States Air Force. However, as I delved into my role, first as an Air Mobility Operations Squadron Commander who served as the Air Mobility Division (AMD) Chief in multiple Air Operations Center globally, and later as a member of the Joint Staff, my enthusiasm was met with a sobering reality. The large-scale Department of Defense and USAF wargames in which I participated left much to be desired.