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Events & Outreach Lab

Kathy Gunter

Events Coordinator

Kathy Gunter serves as an Event Planner Consultant for Air University’s Innovation Accelerator (AUiX). Prior to Kathy’s consulting career with AUiX, she spent a 25+ career at a university where she was responsible for leading and managing a professional continuing education department. In this position, she planned, logistically managed, and executed 100+ special events for local, state, and international attendees; specifically developed, implemented, and managed 80+ professional and community seminars, symposiums, and conferences for presidents of universities, elected officials, CEO’s, state associations, and state departments. Since beginning her consulting career, she has worked with AUiX since 2019 to logistically plan, manage, execute LEDx events, and assist in making community connections as needed to ensure all those who attend enjoy a positive professional experience.