at Historic Kress

Home of AUiX & a nexus for the USAF, community, nation,
and beyond.

AUiX leverages The Eagle Institute as a bridge between public and private sectors by fostering collaboration and networking among the DoD, industry, academia, and the community. Through conceptual thinking and practical applications, stakeholders are equipped to develop national security initiatives and innovation in a building that is rich with historical significance.

First Floor


The Praxeum serves as a next-generation educational setting, fully designed to revolutionize how students learn. This cutting-edge space enables experimentation with avant-garde educational technologies and teaching methodologies, effectively serving as a testing ground for the future landscape of education.

Recommended Max Capacity: 50

For a full walkthrough of Praxeum, click here.


One of Praxeum’s specialized breakout areas is engineered to facilitate individual contemplation, small-group ideation and research, as well as specialized technological engagements like virtual reality experiences.

Recommended Max Capacity: 4


Chimaera, our dedicated wargaming and strategy suite, is elevating the domains of military decision-making and strategic planning by employing cutting-edge wargaming techniques, sophisticated simulations, and cross-disciplinary research.

Recommended Max Capacity: 30


Echo Lab serves as a vibrant makerspace designed to foster innovation, teamwork, continuous learning, and community involvement. This welcoming environment facilitates prototyping and entrepreneurial activities by offering an extensive range of fabrication tools and resources that catalyze creative endeavors.

Recommended Max Capacity: 6

Second Floor


Viper functions as our communal area designated for spontaneous dialogue. Intentionally left open for casual use rather than reservations, Viper aims to stimulate impromptu discussions and on-the-spot innovation.


Raptor operates as a “pitch room” and a venue for evaluating ideas. Additionally, it functions as a bookable conference and teamwork area that can be expanded to create a unified space with Viper and Pegasus.

Recommended Max Capacity: 15


Pegasus serves as a versatile environment for both academic pursuits and innovative activities. Designed as a bookable extension area, it accommodates larger forums and audiences for a range of events.

Recommended Max Capacity: 50