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Innovators thrive when they meet other innovators, and networking at these professional conferences are essential for Airmen to maintain operational agility, enhance problem-solving speed, and increase military effectiveness. By connecting with peers and organizations, Airmen can collaborate on projects, gain new insights, and broaden their knowledge base. Overall, engaging in innovation networks at professional conferences helps Airmen stay connected, informed, and motivated in their pursuit of professional excellence.

*we’re not at all events, but please send us a note if you’re attending

DEC 2023


The Eagle Institute at Kress, Montgomery AL

10 JAN 2024


Guest: Dr. Brandon Mulvaney, Director of Chinese Aerospace Studies Institute

The Eagle Institute at Kress, Montgomery AL

7 FEB 2024


Guest: Kathleen Kennedy, Director of MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

The Eagle Institute at Kress, Montgomery AL

MAR 2024

LEDx Doctrine: a Mission Command Symposium

in partnership with LeMay Center

Montgomery AL

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