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Innovators thrive when they meet other innovators, and networking at these professional conferences are essential for Airmen to maintain operational agility, enhance problem-solving speed, and increase military effectiveness. By connecting with peers and organizations, Airmen can collaborate on projects, gain new insights, and broaden their knowledge base. Overall, engaging in innovation networks at professional conferences helps Airmen stay connected, informed, and motivated in their pursuit of professional excellence.

*we’re not at all events, but please send us a note if you’re attending

1 APR 2023

STEAM Faire in MGM

Union Station, Montgomery, AL

17-20 APR 2023

38th Space Symposium

Colorado Springs, CO

26-28 APR 2023

Women, Peace, Security Summit

US Naval War College

2-3 MAY 2023

2nd Hypersonic Innovation Conference

Dayton, OH

8-12 MAY 2023

DAF DEIA Conference

Washington, DC

9-11 MAY 2023

Space Force Innovation Conference 

Colorado Springs, CO

11 MAY 2023

Harnessing Ai to Advance
National Security

Redwood, CA

23-24 MAY 2023

Air Dominance Summit

Las Vegas, NV

12-13 JUN 2023

Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

San Diego, CA

14-15 JUN 2023

Gartner Tech Growth & INNOVATION Conference

San Diego, CA

29 JUN 2023 – 1 JUL 2023

Joint Women’s Leadership Conference

San Diego, CA

4-10 AUG 2023

AFSA Proffessional Education & Development

Dallas, TX

11-13 AUG 2023

AFA Air, Space and Cyber Conference

National Harbor, MD

28-30 AUG 2023


Montgomery, AL

19-21 SEP 2023


Austin, TX

18 SEP 2023

LEDx Strategy 2023

Montgomery, AL

23 NOV 2023

I/ITSEC – Florida

Orlando, FL

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