AUiX Projects

Ongoing projects, opportunities, and issues


Project Krayt

Project KRAYT provides mission solutions in support of Agile Combat Employment (ACE) technology maturation and risk reduction activities. Deliverables, in the form of prototype(s), will be used in training and exercises for the purpose of refining ACE doctrinal concepts. The Krayt Prototype is easily deployable, mobile, and self-sustaining operational support solution with a minimal logistics footprint and employed with minimal training or dedicated resources in support of ACE.


Project Praxeum

Praxeum, a front-running AU Campus of the Future project, includes relevant technologies, software, scheduling considerations, and aesthetics. Auto-tracking cameras allow teachers to move around the classroom while students follow remotely. High-definition audio augments the virtual experience. Students can partake in virtual and augmented reality with others across the world. Students may supplement learning with podcasting, video, and story boarding. Lastly, war gaming lends itself towards many aspects of the AU education mission.

Social Innovation | Events

Ledx Conference

This year’s conference focuses on strategy as well as connects the local Montgomery community leaders with AU’s academic professors and military leadership. The in-person conference hosts world-class academic and military scholars speaking on strategy as a powerful tool that can be used to achieve success. From leading troops in battle to managing a business, a well-crafted strategy can give you a decisive edge in any situation. As outlined in the 2022 National Defense Strategy, it is essential for leaders to understand the strategic environment and develop a comprehensive approach to address emerging threats.



This effort funds a Civil Air Patrol sponsored STEM program at a local Montgomery River Region elementary school system. Specifically, the program affects over 60 teachers and 1,000 students in Elmore County School (Milbrook, AL). The CAP STEM program infuses STEM, STEM days, a STEM Career Week, and various STEM activities throughout the school year. Each teacher can join CAP as a teacher member, and then receives two (2) class sets of CAP STEM kits, Bee-Bot/Code & Go Mouse and a Let’s Go Code kit.


Project BESCAR

AUiX Innovative Contracting System: Increases SPEED and Innovation throughput.


VR/AR Education

Integrating AR/VR technology in the classroom provides interactive and immersive learning experiences. This leads to increased exposure to emerging technologies, enhanced engagement with educational content, and development of critical thinking skills.


Project Mercury

Through the intentional recruitment, coaching, and development of diverse teams, Project Mercury helps foster innovation readiness that our nation and strategic partners need in order to maintain free and vibrant societies. By deliberately developing our human capital with knowledge, skill, and experience, the Air Force is building a network of capable innovators and innovation coaches to accelerate change across the Service.


Project DAWG

Innovatrium and Air University joined forces to host a game design competition called DAWG (Developing Airmen With Games) and invited students to develop a prototype that assessed Airman fundamental competencies, such as decision making, leadership, and creating thinking. Students competed in diverse teams with skills in mobile game development, simulation networking/distribution, graphic design, simulation development, and training development. DAWG is now sponsored by the Holmes Center at Air University.


Refuel App

An AI backed Comprehensive Human Performance Center of Excellence App that enables Airmen, Guardians + Commanders to easily access evidence-based, comprehensive HP content, coaching, community + analytic tools designed to sustain resilience + readiness as they compete, deter and win.


Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons is an Air Force Chief of Staff-chartered fellowship hosted by the Center for Strategy and Technology at Maxwell AFB. Our mission is to identify and mature radical pathways to victory across the warfighting domains. As our name implies, we focus on the intersection of strategy and technology which has often been the source of tremendous opportunity throughout military history. The class is a mixed cohort of both Intermediate and Senior Developmental Education selects from both the Air and Space Forces, usually 12-15 students in total.



Providing PME students access to senior-leader sponsored research questions/problems/requirements.



Comparison of indices allows for innovation measurements amongst great power competitors allowing for strategic/recoursing decisions.



Air University, in collaboration The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Auburn University, sponsored an ACE technology maturation rapid prototyping project through MGMWERX. The Auburn Senior Design project identified ACE employment MHE capability gaps and rapidly produced a prototype using the discipline of mechanical engineering.